Mr. Stout brings with him more than 25 years of experience as a leader in public health and the biopharmaceutical industry, establishing strategic commercial planning and infrastructure to help advance patient access in the U.S. to important medications across a variety of disease areas, especially infectious diseases.

Prior to joining Brii Bio, Mr. Stout served as the Vice President of U.S. Commercial Access and Reimbursement overseeing key federal accounts at Gilead Sciences. He held increasing leadership positions at Gilead during his 17-year tenure, including roles focused on commercial access and reimbursement and working closely with government affairs and policy teams to inform product planning initiatives. In addition to his expertise in drug coverage, innovative payment models and patient support programs, Mr. Stout has a proven track record of leading access and reimbursement efforts for more than 30 product launches. As a life-long advocate for patient care, he also has experience overseeing teams in community-based settings as a licensed social worker dedicated to supporting people living with HIV/AIDS.