Our culture is defined by our values.
People throughout the world are in need of truly innovative medicines, and are counting on us to deliver them. Patients and their families are foremost in our minds with every decision we make.
Building trust with society, healthcare providers, regulators, public health advocates, our partners, and our employees is central to our core strategy and is enabled through both public and private partnerships. We are committed to working with providers and governments to address global health issues.
We aim to be measured by the impact we deliver for our patients and society. We will invest in medicines that have the potential to make a profound difference in the lives of patients. We will not put profit ahead of patient safety and benefit. We will not leave patients behind, and we commit to making our medicines more affordable and accessible.
It is important for patients taking medicines, and for the physicians prescribing them, to have assurance that they are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards. We will invest in manufacturing, tracking, and authenticating our supplies and providing support for the proper use of our medicines.